seek knowledge as
much as we could,
with knowledge we
can see lot of thing
don't let the world
change us but
let us together
change the

Oh Study, Study and Study

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sometimes study can be so boring especially when it come to boring class + boring lecturer + boring subject, it sure gonna be extreme DEAD BORING in the class. We may intend to sleep or skip classes to burn the time. Maybe it not very good move because we’re wasting our and other people time, wasting money, opportunity and chances, so I was thinking on how we want to make study not boring (still searching for answer)...

We can make study become a fun thing ever, even it is the boring thing ever. We can decorate it or change it into something that more interesting, adventure and funny. We just need to change our perspective and also treat study with a new different way.

One of the ways we can make it fun by having study group, study group is very interactive way to study and also make study more fun. Subject that need lot of reading we can make it less reading by sharing the chapter to be discuss. I love having group discussion because we can cut the reading and just listen more. Furthermore, when we don’t understand we can discuss it, thing that we didn’t notice others will remind us, chapter will become more funnier when our friend started to make fun of it and so much more exciting thing we will have in study group. But there also couple of thing that we need to avoid like don’t expect to gain only without share anything and try not to go so astray from the discussion.

Sometimes I also sleep in boring class, huhu, I just can help myself even if I try to stay awake. So one of the ways that I use to do, by bringing pack of candy to class as my stay up dose (1 candy very 1 minute kidding). It helps and not really sometimes, other than that, I will chat a little with my friends, go to toilet to take fresh air or do anything that will make me stay awake. We can also find the hansom/ gorgeous student in our boring class, when we feel boring we look at him/her just to feel inspire/boost again then continue of study. Power of love can be helpful sometimes but don’t mixed study with relationship okay!!!

When having boring lecturer or boring class or both we can try to make it more alive, maybe by asking lot of question (prepare ton of question before entering class), do some silly thing a bit that not distracting the lecture, argue or give opinion about the subject and many more(depend on lecturer and class). Sometimes class become funeral ceremony because we’re afraid to ask question including ME okay, even when we do not understand with what the hell the lecturer was nagging, we just stare at the lecturer and making the smart look or avoiding direct contact with the lecturer (avoiding being ask) and nodding our head (like we agree with everything), we call this action “BODOH SOMBONG” (stupid arrogant-direct translate) huhu.

Study can be boring when we didn’t have idea with what the heck the subject all about, so another thing that can make study becomes interesting when we truly comprehend with what we learned. Then it will not become boring because we have known it well, so we can face it easily. The important thing in study not the mark but to truly understand with what we have learned, don’t study just because to pass exam then it will become useless. Try to understand it well and practice it in our daily life maybe not all but couple of it will be good enough, it might become handy one day and we will not wasting knowledge that we have learned. (I’M TALKING TO MYSELF ALSO)

Subject Life (additional short post)

Life is the just like the subject that we take in our institution. How gonna be our life will be will depend on what kind of subject (what road in life) we’re taking and also how we perform in our subject (how we do in life).

In life we got lot of chapter like love, betrayed, friendship, loyalty, revenge and many more that we need to face in this world. Today we may learn the chapter of love and maybe the next day we will learn the chapter of heartbreak that why “tomorrow always a new chapter for us”. The more chapters we face (the more experience we gain), the more we will understand meaning of life and the wiser we will be. Then when come any challenge in life we will be prepare on how to handle the obstacle and nail it.

If we taking the right subject (right road in life) and perform in our subject (do good thing) we will do just fine, but if we do not take the right subject (astray) and not perform (do bad thing) we maybe will fail. As long we don’t being dismissed yet (dead) we still can repeat it again (correct it again). We just need to understand more (revalue again), correct all the wrong answer (mistake) that we do before and pass the exam in life.

Form : DrBear