seek knowledge as
much as we could,
with knowledge we
can see lot of thing
don't let the world
change us but
let us together
change the

Start Your Day With Happiness And End It With Forgiveness

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everyday gonna be a new day for us, new adventure, new friend, new experience and many new thing are waiting for us to be explore. How we gonna start our morning will affect the rest of our day and life, so we should start our day with smile in our face and face all the challenge that waiting for us with joy.  

Before this someone told me about 90/10 principle, discover by Stephen Convey, he said that “10% of life is made up of what happens to you, 90% of life is decided by how you react”. 10% of the things that happen in our life we can’t be control like destiny, but 90% of the things that happen in our life we can control it like our action. Example that he gave that a father mad to his daughter because she knock down a cup of coffee on his shirt. Because of his action by scolding his daughter and blaming his wife cause him to come late to work, get summon and small wedge with his wife. Stephen Convey said it all because of how you reacted will determine your next situation. If the father doesn’t get mad and blaming his wife, maybe everything gonna be fine for him, he will not having the bad day.

Choose the right action so we can have the right situation 

We the one will decide how our day will turn out. If we treat any situation well, maybe our day will gonna be fine, if not maybe we will have our bad day. We just need to be optimistic a bit and be a little patient with anything that happens. Never get too emotional with any situation and it would lead us doing the right choice.

Sometimes God took away the sun, and bring down thunder and lightning. We can’t stop cry looking for sun, actually He gonna give us beautiful rainbow (He Knows Better)

Day will not be sunny all day, sometimes it gonna be raining along the way, but always keep believing that sun will shine again and maybe with rainbow. Our day will not gonna be happy all the way even when we decide to be happy. There will be obstacles along our way, people that envy/annoy with us, bad news/situation and other bad things, but don’t let any of that or anything let us down, keep going and sun will shine again with rainbow at the end (good things happen).  

After all day being happy, at night when we gonna sleep, let us end our day with forgiving. Let go all the hatred, envy, revenge or any bad feeling that make our heart hurt. Some people said that they will forgive but not forget. For me I would like to keep behind all the bad memory, not really forget about it but just don't think about it so much, so it will make me easy to forgive. I know forgiving is not a really easy thing to do, especially when someone we trust turn us down, but from keeping it in our heart we will suffer more, so better just let it go. By doing this we doing huge favor for other and ourselves (removing paint in our heart).

Forgiving just like letting go the bad memory and giving it the second chance

Forgive everyone that have done all the bad thing to us no matter big things or small things, and then look back all the things that we have done and revalue it. By doing this just like we purifying ourselves, so tomorrow we start a very new day with a new chapter with wonderful memory. 

Start EACH DAY with SMILE and end it with HAPPY ENDING

From : Dr Bear

Just Go For It

Friday, August 6, 2010

There are times when we undecided to do something that we're not really sure what gonna happen if we do it. For me in this kind of situation, if the thing I gonna do a moral activity and don’t cause any harm or waste anything, I should just go for it…

Some people afraid to try new stuff/ abnormal thing/unusual thing because they afraid it may turn to worst situation, but this are life. Everyday always a new day for us, we don’t want to have all the same routine everyday right. Even if new thing really turn out worst at least we have try right, so we know the consequence. There are also people that like to think negative or like to make assumption on thing that gonna happen, we can’t predict the future, just take the action and make the future (NIKE: write your future)

For example, some student afraid to take some killer subject just because couples of his/her friend have failed, then he/she decides not to take it because he/she maybe failed but he/she never tries. For me it kind of loser attitude, don’t want to try because some have failed. Maybe we will fail but at least we have try right, at least we're not a chicken or loser because we have try, beside we not going to fail forever, SO BE IT!!!

Fail ones doesn’t not mean that you will fail forever

Forest Gump (edited): life was like a box a chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get but it sure gonna be sweet!!!

We will never know what going to happen until we try it, so just go for it, we maybe surprise with what we will experience. So as long it is a good thing, just give a shoot on it and gain as much as experience that we can get. Sometimes it good to go against our natural habit, like against thing that we scare the most, it will make us grow stronger and more wise. Maybe we will lose or fail when trying but who care, we still can do it right after that, but if we never try we will never know and maybe we gonna regret or being loser for the rest of our life...

Good thing can happen to you when we just go for it, we will never know if we never try, right??? All of us know the story of Wright brother right, who invented and build the first airplane that can fly. They started with the ideas that everyone think that it not gonna happen (human can't fly), but that don't stop the brother from trying. They just go for it when no one ever believing them, after that nothing let them down from keep going, with a lot of failed then they proved to the world. Human can fly and nowadays thank to them flying not a awkward thing. There a lot of people have do the thing that other people think that possible, so we don't have to worry anything, just go for it...

There lot of thing in this world we haven’t treasure yet, we don’t want to miss anything right before we gone, so use the time that we have to treasure it, to gain more memory, experience, friend and many more. We don’t what to regret later for missing thing that we have the chance to do before...

Be crazy, unpredictable and psycho, because life to short to be just cool 

from : Dr Bear

Envy, Scarcity & Grateful

Sunday, August 1, 2010

One of the characteristic of human being is envy/jealous, sometime we can’t stand to feel envy at other people when they are more successful, happier, richer and other thing that people are more than us. One of the ways to control our envious by just to feel grateful with what we have. I know sometimes it good to be envy with study or other good thing, so we will become more successful, but we don’t have to feel envy because it only will hurt our feeling. We could feel happy for our friend and wish to be like them, so when our day has come we also can be happy and everyone around us will also be happy, nice right…  

“What we want sometimes other people don’t want it, what we don’t want sometimes other people want it”

In economic I learn scarcity (limited) there is no such thing of free lunch, because to have free lunch we have to forgone something else like, labor energy, resource and other. So to have something we always need to forgone something…

Maybe we don’t realize, what we have not everyone have it and what people have maybe we don’t have it, it is fair situation. We could have what people have also but we have to forgone something else because we could not have everything, so we need to decide to have what we have now or maybe forgone to have something else…

If we wished to be rich, maybe we have to forgone lot of our time to find money. If we wished to be more brilliant we need to study more and play less. If we wished to be gorgeous/popular/happier, we also need to lose something. Even to have love, sometimes we need to sacrifice something.

Sometimes it just good enough to be grateful with what we have maybe not really make us completely happy enough but it still just good enough, there are lot of out there wish to have what we have now. But if we still not satisfy we can change the way we are but don’t regret later…

Just feel happy what we have, to have more just like bonus to us, it doesn’t matter if we couldn’t have it more

It just good to be moderate not so many but not so little, with that we don’t need to feel envy so much. Having more of something sometimes we need to forgone lot of other thing more. There is the time to feel envy or grateful depend with what kind of situation we're having but I think it would feel good to be just grateful, why we need to hurt our heart with feeling envy with other…

It better to have something than have nothing at all

Just remember that there are lot of people is more misery than we are

From : Dr Bear