seek knowledge as
much as we could,
with knowledge we
can see lot of thing
don't let the world
change us but
let us together
change the

About Me

Basically what you need to know about me just that I'm a male, MY citizen, i think that all for the time being, but if you wanna to know more, you can just ask me and we can get to know each other, that will be more appropriate...

So my social network name will be Dr Bear, people keep asking why Dr??? are you a doctor or have you have PhD???. Huhu I not a doctor or even have PhD, I'm using Dr not because i wanna to be show off or like to have title or try to show I'm smart. But I'm using it just to encourage me to study until PhD and to remind my self to be smart by "Think Before You Act". I don't know whether should I or why I wanna do PhD, but I do know it can encourage me to do better, maybe I would not achieve PhD but at least I have try and pretend to become one at here, huhu. By using the Dr, I will try to behave myself, for example if you wear a tuxedo or beautiful dress, inside you will become more confident and we will tend to behave ourselves,  same goes with when I wore the Dr. Move on the Bear, Bear is the nickname that given by other, because my name when you pronoun it correct,  it have the sound Bear and something air also, but mostly people pronoun it Bear so from there people take my nickname. 

so that the story of name DR BEAR...

I'm funny & crazy but
extra becareful with me
Because I can be so nice &
can be so mean
so don't get to close with me
because I might hurt your feeling
somehow & someday

"Don't judge me because I'm unpredictable, 
never value me from virtual life because I'm a different person in real life"

You can make any speculation about me as long as it would make you happy, but this is the fact. Furthermore, I'm happy with the way I'm, I hope you also can be happy with the way I'm...