seek knowledge as
much as we could,
with knowledge we
can see lot of thing
don't let the world
change us but
let us together
change the

Embraces ourselves and our weakness

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It okay sometimes to embraces ourselves not to be overconfident or cocky but to motivate ourselves with the way we’re. If we don’t praise ourselves who else going to flatter us and who else gonna accept us for the way we’re, if we don’t accept ourselves. But don’t over praise ourselves because it can lead to arrogant, ignorant and shameless, and also if we don’t embrace ourselves we would feel like invaluable, feel small and unwanted. It can lead for us to behave very quiet, shy and isolated. So it is very important to feel praise ourselves a bit!!!

I sometimes also like to tell myself that I’m cute, hot, handsome and many more thing to flatter me huhu even I’m not really cute, hot nor handsome. But who care as long we feel that we are gorgeous (for example), so we’re gorgeous doesn’t matter if other feel we’re the ugliest creator on earth (huhu exaggerate). Sometime it doesn’t matter what people thought of us, what important is what we thought of us.

"Just because people treat you like a villain, or an ogre, or just some loser, it doesn't mean you are one. The things that matters most is what you think of yourself. If there's something you really want, or someone you really want to be, then the only person standing in your way is you". (taken from Shrek movie)

Something that I pick up from cute girl (not really okay haha) that I met, I call her puffer fish.

She said: “saya comel, dia comel dan kamu pun comel, maka kami semua pon comel~ yay!!”

Translate: “I’m (cute), he/she (cute) and you also (cute), so all of us also (cute)~yay!!!”

I just love the attitude (that all), we feel that we’re cute and also everyone around us also cute, very motivated and interesting. By the way we can also change the word cute in the bracket with other word to describe with what we feel about us, what are nice quote right.

We’re perfect the way we’re doesn’t matter what weaknesses we have and what bad thing that people said.

All of us must have weakness because we’re imperfect but don’t let our weakness let us down, let convert our weakness into our strength. If we let our weakness let us down it will weaken and haunted us more everyday, we will become more helpless but DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!!!

One of my weaknesses will be, afraid to talk in front of lot of people, my whole body will start to shivering nonstop especially my hand but It doesn’t stop me to talk in front of people, infact it has given me strength to perform better every time even still now I just can’t stop shivering huhu. My friend always teasing me by saying I’m having Parkinson haha.

Sometimes our greatest weakness can be our greatest strength and our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness.

I believe some of us must have heard about man without limbs right, even he doesn’t have limb and very limited to do thing (lot of weakness compared to us) but it doesn’t let him down to achieve anything like a normal people, so take him as a example. Lot of weakness has given him lot of strength to live the life.
Taken from Youtube : Man Without Limb

So start embraces ourselves because we’re perfect the way we're and start building our weakness to our strength.

From : Drbear

Bad Habit

Monday, September 6, 2010

Becareful with our thought because it can be our word

Becareful with our word because it can be our action

Becareful with our action because it can be our habit

Habits are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously, without one being conscious about them. Habitual behavior often goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting it, because a person does not need to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks. Habituation is an extremely simple form of learning, in which an organism, after a period of exposure to a stimulus, stops responding to that stimulus in varied manners. Habits are sometimes compulsory. (Taken From WIKIPEDIA)

Huhu, I really not sure with all the meaning of habit from the Wikipedia but I do know, It ok to have good habit, we just need to maintain our good habit, but to have bad habit can be troublesome. It can be hard sometimes to get rid of our bad habit, because maybe our bad habit has become our lifestyle.

I think the biggest bad habits that we having problem are to talking bad thing at people, making fun of other people, making excuse for everything and many more, but 3 of it I think is the critical one that we always do without we knowing it. Talking bad thing or backbiting, sometimes we like to judge people than ourselves, like “A fly before his own eye is bigger than an elephant in the next field”. Don’t judge people because they can be unexpected. Other than that, we like to make fun of other people, it sure a fun for us but not so fun to them. So this 2 bad habits I think one of the ways to coop by placing ourselves in their places, then we will know how their feeling or we can switch this habit to maybe by compliment more of other, to show how much actually we appreciate them. Lastly about making excuse, we will tend to making lot of excuse, like some of our bad habit of excuse is blaming of the Satan deceived us or friend influent, remember our action is our own responsibility, so think before we act, try to take responsibility with our action and DON’T give excuse because it can lead to lie.

We may not change our bad habit but we can try to switch it with something that more appropriate. For example, before this I like to say word F*** or what the F***, then I realize that it can hurt people feeling and also not sound appropriate. Then I try to change the F*** to sengal (like dumb) and what the F*** to what the fish, huhu now it become nicer and more interesting. There also some people that tries to control their smoking habit with chew chewing gum, angry habit control it with channel it to other thing, stress habit with sleeping and there other many more alternative way to change our bad habit to something that more nicer and comfortable for us. We are not robot that can switch the way that we act in instant, it need time and lot of effort to change our habit or lifestyle.

"It may be easy to write it then do it", but if we truly wanna to change ourselves, believe it that we can, in fact we can also change the world if we want. We just need to have faith, be stronger and continuously try to eliminate our bad habit.

"We may not be perfect, but at least we try our best to be near perfect"
Have a good lifestyle with good habit, friendly advise From : Dr Bear