seek knowledge as
much as we could,
with knowledge we
can see lot of thing
don't let the world
change us but
let us together
change the

Oh Study, Study and Study

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sometimes study can be so boring especially when it come to boring class + boring lecturer + boring subject, it sure gonna be extreme DEAD BORING in the class. We may intend to sleep or skip classes to burn the time. Maybe it not very good move because we’re wasting our and other people time, wasting money, opportunity and chances, so I was thinking on how we want to make study not boring (still searching for answer)...

We can make study become a fun thing ever, even it is the boring thing ever. We can decorate it or change it into something that more interesting, adventure and funny. We just need to change our perspective and also treat study with a new different way.

One of the ways we can make it fun by having study group, study group is very interactive way to study and also make study more fun. Subject that need lot of reading we can make it less reading by sharing the chapter to be discuss. I love having group discussion because we can cut the reading and just listen more. Furthermore, when we don’t understand we can discuss it, thing that we didn’t notice others will remind us, chapter will become more funnier when our friend started to make fun of it and so much more exciting thing we will have in study group. But there also couple of thing that we need to avoid like don’t expect to gain only without share anything and try not to go so astray from the discussion.

Sometimes I also sleep in boring class, huhu, I just can help myself even if I try to stay awake. So one of the ways that I use to do, by bringing pack of candy to class as my stay up dose (1 candy very 1 minute kidding). It helps and not really sometimes, other than that, I will chat a little with my friends, go to toilet to take fresh air or do anything that will make me stay awake. We can also find the hansom/ gorgeous student in our boring class, when we feel boring we look at him/her just to feel inspire/boost again then continue of study. Power of love can be helpful sometimes but don’t mixed study with relationship okay!!!

When having boring lecturer or boring class or both we can try to make it more alive, maybe by asking lot of question (prepare ton of question before entering class), do some silly thing a bit that not distracting the lecture, argue or give opinion about the subject and many more(depend on lecturer and class). Sometimes class become funeral ceremony because we’re afraid to ask question including ME okay, even when we do not understand with what the hell the lecturer was nagging, we just stare at the lecturer and making the smart look or avoiding direct contact with the lecturer (avoiding being ask) and nodding our head (like we agree with everything), we call this action “BODOH SOMBONG” (stupid arrogant-direct translate) huhu.

Study can be boring when we didn’t have idea with what the heck the subject all about, so another thing that can make study becomes interesting when we truly comprehend with what we learned. Then it will not become boring because we have known it well, so we can face it easily. The important thing in study not the mark but to truly understand with what we have learned, don’t study just because to pass exam then it will become useless. Try to understand it well and practice it in our daily life maybe not all but couple of it will be good enough, it might become handy one day and we will not wasting knowledge that we have learned. (I’M TALKING TO MYSELF ALSO)

Subject Life (additional short post)

Life is the just like the subject that we take in our institution. How gonna be our life will be will depend on what kind of subject (what road in life) we’re taking and also how we perform in our subject (how we do in life).

In life we got lot of chapter like love, betrayed, friendship, loyalty, revenge and many more that we need to face in this world. Today we may learn the chapter of love and maybe the next day we will learn the chapter of heartbreak that why “tomorrow always a new chapter for us”. The more chapters we face (the more experience we gain), the more we will understand meaning of life and the wiser we will be. Then when come any challenge in life we will be prepare on how to handle the obstacle and nail it.

If we taking the right subject (right road in life) and perform in our subject (do good thing) we will do just fine, but if we do not take the right subject (astray) and not perform (do bad thing) we maybe will fail. As long we don’t being dismissed yet (dead) we still can repeat it again (correct it again). We just need to understand more (revalue again), correct all the wrong answer (mistake) that we do before and pass the exam in life.

Form : DrBear

Embraces ourselves and our weakness

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It okay sometimes to embraces ourselves not to be overconfident or cocky but to motivate ourselves with the way we’re. If we don’t praise ourselves who else going to flatter us and who else gonna accept us for the way we’re, if we don’t accept ourselves. But don’t over praise ourselves because it can lead to arrogant, ignorant and shameless, and also if we don’t embrace ourselves we would feel like invaluable, feel small and unwanted. It can lead for us to behave very quiet, shy and isolated. So it is very important to feel praise ourselves a bit!!!

I sometimes also like to tell myself that I’m cute, hot, handsome and many more thing to flatter me huhu even I’m not really cute, hot nor handsome. But who care as long we feel that we are gorgeous (for example), so we’re gorgeous doesn’t matter if other feel we’re the ugliest creator on earth (huhu exaggerate). Sometime it doesn’t matter what people thought of us, what important is what we thought of us.

"Just because people treat you like a villain, or an ogre, or just some loser, it doesn't mean you are one. The things that matters most is what you think of yourself. If there's something you really want, or someone you really want to be, then the only person standing in your way is you". (taken from Shrek movie)

Something that I pick up from cute girl (not really okay haha) that I met, I call her puffer fish.

She said: “saya comel, dia comel dan kamu pun comel, maka kami semua pon comel~ yay!!”

Translate: “I’m (cute), he/she (cute) and you also (cute), so all of us also (cute)~yay!!!”

I just love the attitude (that all), we feel that we’re cute and also everyone around us also cute, very motivated and interesting. By the way we can also change the word cute in the bracket with other word to describe with what we feel about us, what are nice quote right.

We’re perfect the way we’re doesn’t matter what weaknesses we have and what bad thing that people said.

All of us must have weakness because we’re imperfect but don’t let our weakness let us down, let convert our weakness into our strength. If we let our weakness let us down it will weaken and haunted us more everyday, we will become more helpless but DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!!!

One of my weaknesses will be, afraid to talk in front of lot of people, my whole body will start to shivering nonstop especially my hand but It doesn’t stop me to talk in front of people, infact it has given me strength to perform better every time even still now I just can’t stop shivering huhu. My friend always teasing me by saying I’m having Parkinson haha.

Sometimes our greatest weakness can be our greatest strength and our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness.

I believe some of us must have heard about man without limbs right, even he doesn’t have limb and very limited to do thing (lot of weakness compared to us) but it doesn’t let him down to achieve anything like a normal people, so take him as a example. Lot of weakness has given him lot of strength to live the life.
Taken from Youtube : Man Without Limb

So start embraces ourselves because we’re perfect the way we're and start building our weakness to our strength.

From : Drbear

Bad Habit

Monday, September 6, 2010

Becareful with our thought because it can be our word

Becareful with our word because it can be our action

Becareful with our action because it can be our habit

Habits are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously, without one being conscious about them. Habitual behavior often goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting it, because a person does not need to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks. Habituation is an extremely simple form of learning, in which an organism, after a period of exposure to a stimulus, stops responding to that stimulus in varied manners. Habits are sometimes compulsory. (Taken From WIKIPEDIA)

Huhu, I really not sure with all the meaning of habit from the Wikipedia but I do know, It ok to have good habit, we just need to maintain our good habit, but to have bad habit can be troublesome. It can be hard sometimes to get rid of our bad habit, because maybe our bad habit has become our lifestyle.

I think the biggest bad habits that we having problem are to talking bad thing at people, making fun of other people, making excuse for everything and many more, but 3 of it I think is the critical one that we always do without we knowing it. Talking bad thing or backbiting, sometimes we like to judge people than ourselves, like “A fly before his own eye is bigger than an elephant in the next field”. Don’t judge people because they can be unexpected. Other than that, we like to make fun of other people, it sure a fun for us but not so fun to them. So this 2 bad habits I think one of the ways to coop by placing ourselves in their places, then we will know how their feeling or we can switch this habit to maybe by compliment more of other, to show how much actually we appreciate them. Lastly about making excuse, we will tend to making lot of excuse, like some of our bad habit of excuse is blaming of the Satan deceived us or friend influent, remember our action is our own responsibility, so think before we act, try to take responsibility with our action and DON’T give excuse because it can lead to lie.

We may not change our bad habit but we can try to switch it with something that more appropriate. For example, before this I like to say word F*** or what the F***, then I realize that it can hurt people feeling and also not sound appropriate. Then I try to change the F*** to sengal (like dumb) and what the F*** to what the fish, huhu now it become nicer and more interesting. There also some people that tries to control their smoking habit with chew chewing gum, angry habit control it with channel it to other thing, stress habit with sleeping and there other many more alternative way to change our bad habit to something that more nicer and comfortable for us. We are not robot that can switch the way that we act in instant, it need time and lot of effort to change our habit or lifestyle.

"It may be easy to write it then do it", but if we truly wanna to change ourselves, believe it that we can, in fact we can also change the world if we want. We just need to have faith, be stronger and continuously try to eliminate our bad habit.

"We may not be perfect, but at least we try our best to be near perfect"
Have a good lifestyle with good habit, friendly advise From : Dr Bear

Start Your Day With Happiness And End It With Forgiveness

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everyday gonna be a new day for us, new adventure, new friend, new experience and many new thing are waiting for us to be explore. How we gonna start our morning will affect the rest of our day and life, so we should start our day with smile in our face and face all the challenge that waiting for us with joy.  

Before this someone told me about 90/10 principle, discover by Stephen Convey, he said that “10% of life is made up of what happens to you, 90% of life is decided by how you react”. 10% of the things that happen in our life we can’t be control like destiny, but 90% of the things that happen in our life we can control it like our action. Example that he gave that a father mad to his daughter because she knock down a cup of coffee on his shirt. Because of his action by scolding his daughter and blaming his wife cause him to come late to work, get summon and small wedge with his wife. Stephen Convey said it all because of how you reacted will determine your next situation. If the father doesn’t get mad and blaming his wife, maybe everything gonna be fine for him, he will not having the bad day.

Choose the right action so we can have the right situation 

We the one will decide how our day will turn out. If we treat any situation well, maybe our day will gonna be fine, if not maybe we will have our bad day. We just need to be optimistic a bit and be a little patient with anything that happens. Never get too emotional with any situation and it would lead us doing the right choice.

Sometimes God took away the sun, and bring down thunder and lightning. We can’t stop cry looking for sun, actually He gonna give us beautiful rainbow (He Knows Better)

Day will not be sunny all day, sometimes it gonna be raining along the way, but always keep believing that sun will shine again and maybe with rainbow. Our day will not gonna be happy all the way even when we decide to be happy. There will be obstacles along our way, people that envy/annoy with us, bad news/situation and other bad things, but don’t let any of that or anything let us down, keep going and sun will shine again with rainbow at the end (good things happen).  

After all day being happy, at night when we gonna sleep, let us end our day with forgiving. Let go all the hatred, envy, revenge or any bad feeling that make our heart hurt. Some people said that they will forgive but not forget. For me I would like to keep behind all the bad memory, not really forget about it but just don't think about it so much, so it will make me easy to forgive. I know forgiving is not a really easy thing to do, especially when someone we trust turn us down, but from keeping it in our heart we will suffer more, so better just let it go. By doing this we doing huge favor for other and ourselves (removing paint in our heart).

Forgiving just like letting go the bad memory and giving it the second chance

Forgive everyone that have done all the bad thing to us no matter big things or small things, and then look back all the things that we have done and revalue it. By doing this just like we purifying ourselves, so tomorrow we start a very new day with a new chapter with wonderful memory. 

Start EACH DAY with SMILE and end it with HAPPY ENDING

From : Dr Bear

Just Go For It

Friday, August 6, 2010

There are times when we undecided to do something that we're not really sure what gonna happen if we do it. For me in this kind of situation, if the thing I gonna do a moral activity and don’t cause any harm or waste anything, I should just go for it…

Some people afraid to try new stuff/ abnormal thing/unusual thing because they afraid it may turn to worst situation, but this are life. Everyday always a new day for us, we don’t want to have all the same routine everyday right. Even if new thing really turn out worst at least we have try right, so we know the consequence. There are also people that like to think negative or like to make assumption on thing that gonna happen, we can’t predict the future, just take the action and make the future (NIKE: write your future)

For example, some student afraid to take some killer subject just because couples of his/her friend have failed, then he/she decides not to take it because he/she maybe failed but he/she never tries. For me it kind of loser attitude, don’t want to try because some have failed. Maybe we will fail but at least we have try right, at least we're not a chicken or loser because we have try, beside we not going to fail forever, SO BE IT!!!

Fail ones doesn’t not mean that you will fail forever

Forest Gump (edited): life was like a box a chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get but it sure gonna be sweet!!!

We will never know what going to happen until we try it, so just go for it, we maybe surprise with what we will experience. So as long it is a good thing, just give a shoot on it and gain as much as experience that we can get. Sometimes it good to go against our natural habit, like against thing that we scare the most, it will make us grow stronger and more wise. Maybe we will lose or fail when trying but who care, we still can do it right after that, but if we never try we will never know and maybe we gonna regret or being loser for the rest of our life...

Good thing can happen to you when we just go for it, we will never know if we never try, right??? All of us know the story of Wright brother right, who invented and build the first airplane that can fly. They started with the ideas that everyone think that it not gonna happen (human can't fly), but that don't stop the brother from trying. They just go for it when no one ever believing them, after that nothing let them down from keep going, with a lot of failed then they proved to the world. Human can fly and nowadays thank to them flying not a awkward thing. There a lot of people have do the thing that other people think that possible, so we don't have to worry anything, just go for it...

There lot of thing in this world we haven’t treasure yet, we don’t want to miss anything right before we gone, so use the time that we have to treasure it, to gain more memory, experience, friend and many more. We don’t what to regret later for missing thing that we have the chance to do before...

Be crazy, unpredictable and psycho, because life to short to be just cool 

from : Dr Bear

Envy, Scarcity & Grateful

Sunday, August 1, 2010

One of the characteristic of human being is envy/jealous, sometime we can’t stand to feel envy at other people when they are more successful, happier, richer and other thing that people are more than us. One of the ways to control our envious by just to feel grateful with what we have. I know sometimes it good to be envy with study or other good thing, so we will become more successful, but we don’t have to feel envy because it only will hurt our feeling. We could feel happy for our friend and wish to be like them, so when our day has come we also can be happy and everyone around us will also be happy, nice right…  

“What we want sometimes other people don’t want it, what we don’t want sometimes other people want it”

In economic I learn scarcity (limited) there is no such thing of free lunch, because to have free lunch we have to forgone something else like, labor energy, resource and other. So to have something we always need to forgone something…

Maybe we don’t realize, what we have not everyone have it and what people have maybe we don’t have it, it is fair situation. We could have what people have also but we have to forgone something else because we could not have everything, so we need to decide to have what we have now or maybe forgone to have something else…

If we wished to be rich, maybe we have to forgone lot of our time to find money. If we wished to be more brilliant we need to study more and play less. If we wished to be gorgeous/popular/happier, we also need to lose something. Even to have love, sometimes we need to sacrifice something.

Sometimes it just good enough to be grateful with what we have maybe not really make us completely happy enough but it still just good enough, there are lot of out there wish to have what we have now. But if we still not satisfy we can change the way we are but don’t regret later…

Just feel happy what we have, to have more just like bonus to us, it doesn’t matter if we couldn’t have it more

It just good to be moderate not so many but not so little, with that we don’t need to feel envy so much. Having more of something sometimes we need to forgone lot of other thing more. There is the time to feel envy or grateful depend with what kind of situation we're having but I think it would feel good to be just grateful, why we need to hurt our heart with feeling envy with other…

It better to have something than have nothing at all

Just remember that there are lot of people is more misery than we are

From : Dr Bear 

Stuck In Past

Friday, July 30, 2010

Believe it or not, there is a time when our body in the present but our mind always on the past. It happen when we can’t let go of the past. We wished that time machine were invented or ability to time travel were real, so we can go back to past and have the same duration again…

Usually some people wished to go back in time because they wanted to have the same memory, redo their action before, change the memory that they had or maybe to correct the memory so it will be perfect…

Sometimes we wished that we can go back to the past so we can redo again everything that we have done in the past, maybe because we are having fame/happy life before this or to go back to time so we can have our perfect life by making everything perfect for our future. Sometimes we also wished we could go back to past so we can correct every mistake we make and every wrong choice that we take, so we don’t feel sad, broken heart or regret in the future…  

Just Let The Past Remain The Past and Learn to Move Along

Sometimes The Past Sure Are Painful, But We Got To Learn From it, So We Not Going to Get Hurt In The Future

Other than that, some people like to judge people by their past, maybe in the past he/she have done something wrong but in the future we still not sure yet. Furthermore, what they have done in the past, they sure have received the punishment, so there is no need to punish them anymore. Just value people the way they are in the future not for their past or anything…

Past Remain History and Future Remain Mystery

What That Have Happen In The Past Can’t Be Change But We Can Change The Future

We need to stop living in the past and more focusing in the future because this is what really matter, we can have all the same life we had before or the perfect life that we wanted in the future, we don't need to go back all the way to past. If all the time machine or time travel ability is real also, what for we want to change the past, do we really want to lose the past, do we will become more happier later after change the past. We don’t need to correct or change the past to be happy, we just need to treasure our happiness with people around us…

All the fame/happy life you have before you can redo it again in the future trust me and all the bad move, choices, decision that we have make, we just need to correct it in the present and learn more from it so we will not do the same silly mistake in the future. Let the past remain memory in our mind, doesn’t matter if it sweet, bitter, sour or salty…

Let The Past Be Your Teacher For The Future

Just face it!!! We can't change things that have happen, the past always gonna be the past, there is nothing in the world that gonna change it, so appreciate every moment that we have, use each of our second wisely so we will not feel sorry later… 

From : Dr Bear

Super Hero - Super Power

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It is just super hero in fantasy world have super power??? for example like Spiderman have sticky web and sticky body so he can climb on wall, Superman have strength, fly, speed, laser eyes ability and red underwear, Batman has advanced gadget, big cave and all black thing (Gothic). Do we human being have any of the super power like all the super hero???

We sure have one, if you didn’t notice, we have the ultimate power that only human being have that is mind power, in fact all the super hero are being created by our human mind, so our mind created super hero then gave it super power, so our mind power is more powerful than all the super hero power, “Ultimate Ultra Super Power!!!”

Our brain power can increases it power, in fact it can be more powerful when we read a lot and experience many things, and it will make our mind be more mature (ease to control), only the different between our mind power is how we use of our mind, if we always use our mind to think, it sure gonna be powerful especially if we are using left and right brain: full power (creative), but if we not always use it or maybe partially use it, so it going to be powerless and more to powerfool… huhu

Actually our mind not really can do anything, it can only make us having dream, then with the dream it will figure out plan or give lot of ways to get the dream. After that with all the ideas and way we just need to work it out to make things happen, it to bad because our mind have limited power it can't turn thing happen. But our mind can solve lot of problem or create lot of problem, create lot of many imaginary thing and lot of crazy ideas. Sometimes it for better future but sometimes maybe just for self interest, it all depend on how we use our mind, if it for better use then better thing we gonna get, if the other way around we gonna mess thing up.

Just put your mind into something, then start to think, with little bit of effort/work hard and maybe other thing, then nothing can’t stop us from turning crazy dream to reality…
Every great power always comes with, great responsibilities (taken from Spiderman movie)

Having super power don’t make us super hero, we got to utilize our power for better benefit to the society, to become super hero we got to help all the people that need our help, after that we can be super hero. There a always cause and effect or reward and responsible for everything, we being gifted with the mind power must also have the responsibility that need to be carry out if not what for we have it right...

You don’t need super power to become super hero (taken from Kickass movie)

Maybe for us one of the best way to utilize with our mind power and becoming super hero is to share our knowledge with other that need. If we’re student we can share our knowledge or teach our classmate, if we’re worker we can give ideas to boost company profit and economic profit, or we can do anything that will benefit us and people around us… 


from : Dr Bear

Diet, Fat & Slim

Monday, July 26, 2010

    I start by write about diet lifestyle first, so the best way of diet lifestyle that I think is the best are eat when are necessary, for me I only eat when  I needed to eat not when I'm hungry, but sometimes I also eat when I'm so hungry,  huhu so let me explain further...
I often eat during morning and at late evening (breakfast & dinner), I seldom eat lunch just sometimes, even when I feel hungry I don't eat, it just like have becoming habit for me to eat breakfast and dinner only, in fact this kind of diet lifestyle just like fasting, we eat at morning and at late evening, the different will be the time...
Other that that when we eat don't eat until we full, just eat what we need and stop when we're almost full, don't forget to chew as many times of our food because our body can absorb more nutrient and avoid it become fat, eat a lot of healthy food and participate in healthy activities...

Just Remember We Eat To Live, Not Live To Eat...

    People always fear to feel hunger or starve, it  just like end of the world when they feel hungry/starve, they will start to eat a lot until full and as a result they ended fat, I think it okay to feel hungry/starve a little, if we have had our meal then we feel hungry, then just stand it and we don't have to worry become sick or gastric because we already had our meal...
Sometimes people get fat because of they had family genetic problem, sickness that they need to eat a lot or maybe they a force to eat a lot huhu this thing happen okay, by the way don't afraid to eat a lot or become fat just don't become obese...

    When some poor countries desperately need food, some desperately tries to avoid food just to become slim, become slim is just okay and also nice but when they're badly wanted to become slim then tend to try extreme and unthinkable diet lifestyle like not eating for several day, vomit all the food, consume laxative and many more. It just will make our family and people around us so damn worry or annoying because some of them like to compare weight or talk about weight, usually girl the one who do that, I know not all but mostly...

    It good to become fat or thin/slim just maybe in proper way, but becoming fat in not a curse, there are people trying to become fat right, if not why business firm produce gain weight product, do you ever think maybe you are more beautiful the way you're, the most important is you have a beautiful manner, beauteous will not last long, but good deed will always being remember...

Anyway Just Live The Life And Stay Healthy

From : Dr Bear

You're My Special Gift

Sunday, July 25, 2010

For me everyone that I met or any friends that  I make, all of them individually just like a gift to me, gifts that send by the God for me, "THE SPECIAL GIFT". Each of them being given to me with a special purpose, to guide me to become are better person...

So just like gift, sometimes we got gifts that we like (same goes to people that we like), and also gifts that we dislike (people that we don't like), sometimes we got nice gifts (gorgeous people) or maybe not really nice gifts (not really gorgeous people), perfect gifts (normal person) or maybe broken gifts (disable person)...
Actually it doesn't matter what kind of gifts do we received, the only thing that matter is how we handle our gifts, each of our gifts have their own function, some gift being given to teach us, maybe to teach us about love, or it could be our gifts come to teach us about friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, trustfulness, and many more...
but there also some gift given to us to test/challenge us by betray us, hatred us, giving us sadness, break our heart and many other...

So how we handle our gift will make our gift become beneficial to us or giving trouble to us, actually all gift are useful but the way we used our gift will determine it, even if we got the expenses gift like a rocket but if we don't know how to drive it, it just a waste right or maybe it got broken. Even if we just got only a paper but if we know what to do with the paper, like we can created art or origami that can give benefit to us. Same goes even when we got the perfect human being on earth if we don't know how to treat him/her, it will eventually become a waste and if we know what to do with our friend, we and our friend sure gonna become good friend...

Appreciate each of our gift that have given to us (appreciate each people that we met), even the gift that we dislike or gift that always give trouble to us, we never know what kind of gift that they're. When the time have come they sure will give their gifts to us, then maybe after they have given their gift to us they will leaving or stay with us, but one of the gifts that they will give and stay with us forever is the MEMORY...

from  : Dr Bear